California Association of Professional Providers of Supervised Visitation
San Diego County Chapter


Supervised Visitation Professionals offer families in the midst of stormy family transitions a safe harbor to ensure that children do not lose one of their parents in the process.

We are a group of Supervised Visitation Professionals dedicated to upholding the California Rules of Court 5.20 uniform standards of practice for the purpose of safeguarding the public trust and providing visitation services to co-parents and 2-home children affected by divorce and separation.

We support the professionalization of supervised visitation and actively encourage collaboration, discussion, and communication about the knowledge and skills required to work as a professional supervised visitation provider.

We comply with California Rules of Court Standard 5.20 that sets the standards for provision of professional supervised visitation services throughout the state, including the new 24-hour training requirement effective in California January 1, 2013.

We practice competency-based service delivery based on measurable skills, specific knowledge and documented experience. 

We seek standardization of professional supervised visitation services in California through a combination of legislative, administrative, and peer-reviewed measures.

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